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︎ Creator: Sophia Sobers
︎ Advisors: Shona Kitchen, Peter Yeadon, Rafael Attias

Influences from her childhood led to Sophia Sobers’ investigations of the stories and beliefs of a variety of early cultures. “The tales were fascinating to me,” Sobers writes in her thesis introduction, “especially the symbolic quality of the stories, the spiritual dimensions that were explored, and the reverence for the natural world and the unknown. Out of these tales grew my own personal mythology, a mixture of symbolic ideas of nature and technology.”

Managing her own health propelled Sobers towards an interest in systems and networks that relate to interconnected biological and natural cycles, but also systems of inanimate things that rapidly evolve and behave like the living organisms of an ecosystem. She experimented with natural and synthetic forms, combinations, growths, and juxtapositions to create new hybrids that inhibit classification.

“It is important to note the similarity and cross-contamination between the development of the idea of nature as a system, and the development of systems in computation and technology. The implication of this cross-contamination is that someday natural and technological systems will merge completely. The systems of nature will become the systems of technology and vice versa. In my work, I look to engage in that play and dialogue between the two systems as they begin to converge.”

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