Vertical Cemetery

︎ Creator:  Tayu Ting
︎ Supervisor:  Peter Yeadon

As the population increases and cities expand and add vertical density, space for burials in major metropolises is becoming scarce. If we are living closer and closer together, why can't we also be buried in a vertical cemetery?

To make this a reality, we must use technology in a clean and eco-friendly way that still respects traditional burial rituals. A burial machine can be used instead of cremation, which is known to cause air pollution. This machine freezes the body and vibrates it into dust, which can then be turned into diamonds, building elements, and other biodiversity elements.

Each family member can also be given an artifact that acts as a key to memory. In the private Connection Room of the Vertical Cemetery, an AI-generated video of the deceased person is displayed, allowing people to stay connected to a simulacrum of their loved one. 

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Rhode Island School of Design | 2 College Street | Providence, RI 02903