The Farewell Cafe

︎ Creator:  Yijing Huang 
︎ Supervisor:  Peter Yeadon & Joy Ko & Brynn Trusewicz

Idea Summary:
People deserve a well-designed end of life, just like every part of their lives before that. It is important to be in charge of it, and to have options other than lying in hospital beds.

In many jurisdictions, dying with dignity (using euthanasia drugs) is legal with permission from doctors.

Design challenge:
For some, dying with pills is better than waiting for death without control over it, but it can still be improved.

Design insight:
Death should not be cold and scary; it should be talked about, and blend into daily life.

The ideas:
  • Live a life without regrets
  • Know your last words, plan your final endings
  • End your life with delicately designed food, a final coffee or cake, picked from a café.

Some thoughts on choosing cakes:
People should have something good and warm to look forward to even at the end of life. Sweets and desserts are limited to control weight during life, but at the end of life, it is time to leave these restrictions behind and think less rationally and fulfill our wishes. Having dessert at the end of a meal feels elegant and complete for an ending. It is a similar idea to having a good ending for a lifetime.

The design outcome:
A farewell café that provides: 1) the bucket list menu, 2) the memorial planning menu, and 3) bespoke euthanasia cakes.

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