︎ Creator: Ching Wen Lee
︎ Supervisors:  Jennifer Bissonnette & Peter Yeadon

In the toy industry there are many problems associated with conventional petroleum-based plastics. Conventional plastic playthings have a short lifespan and are quickly abandoned after they have outlived their usefulness, causing considerable environmental impact, whilst failing to teach future generations about environmental issues.

Seemingly unrelated, many children also despise vegetables, due to their flavor and texture; they do not comprehend the health benefits that vegetables provide. Therefore, this project seeks a way in which sustainable, educational playthings can help children gain a better understanding of these crops: STEM.

STEM is a garden starter kit for children that is entirely composed of biodegradable materials. The materials used were bioplastics, sand composite, and natural dyes. The design is intended to educate youngsters the value of avoiding food waste while adding another sustainable option for children to play with.

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