[R]evolution : A Clinic for Humanimals

︎ Creator: Christina Ching Yee Luk
︎ Supervisor: Peter Yeadon

The [R]evolution Clinic represents an acceleration of evolution aimed at enhancing human survival by incorporating animal DNA into our genetic makeup. At this facility, individuals have the opportunity to select specific animal traits they wish their child to inherit.

The selection of animal traits occurs at polymer scaffolds that support the growth of living cells, from which scientists extract animal DNA. This genetic material, combined with the human parents' DNA, is then used in a rapid, painless impregnation process. The offspring will embody a blend of human and animal attributes.

In the future, numerous such clinics woud be established globally, offering a service that becomes widely embraced and sought after. Visiting these clinics for the purpose of genetic enhancement will become as commonplace as obtaining vaccinations for one's child.

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