Light Biocomposites

︎ Creator: Lucy Blake
︎ Supervisors:  Jennifer Bissonnette & Peter Yeadon

When thinking about the use of biomaterials, sustainability and waste products are often at the forefront of conversation. By taking a deeper look into the fabrication of biomaterials, this study considers why we tend to discard objects in the first place. What makes something timeless, sentimental, or too unique to toss away with other common disposable objects?

Through experimentation and ideation of biomaterial applications, the aim of the study was to create a product that could either adapt and change with the passage of time, or remain as a permanent installation in the lives of its consumers. The biomaterial studies were mainly focused on the properties and potential of bioplastics.

The use of natural dyes also played a major role in the properties of the biomaterial. Butterfly pea tea created a vibrant blue shade, and turmeric powder produced a warmer orange color. These complementary colors aided in the exploration of mood lighting covers, creating visible temperature tones. And a biocomposite with integrated metal mesh proved to be the best material for creating and holding 3D shapes.

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