Home Grown

︎ Creator: Justine Jividen
︎ Supervisor: Peter Yeadon

Home Grown is a cutting-edge device that ingeniously combines existing technologies — cultured meat and edible metal organic frameworks — in a way that makes cultured meat more friendly for the consumer. The process includes a tabletop incubator, pre-shaped scaffolds, and packets of cell samples that would be purchased from a grocery store.

The consumer chooses from traditional meat and scaffold shapes, such as pork and ribs, and novelty shapes and flavors like tiger and animal heads. The meat is grown at home in an incubator intended for single-person use that allows six half-pound portions to be growing at one time. This product line transforms the perception of meat cloning — a concept that may initially evoke unease — into a more appealing and fun process.

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Rhode Island School of Design | 2 College Street | Providence, RI 02903