︎ Creator: Yongtong Chen
︎ Supervisors:  Jennifer Bissonnette & Peter Yeadon

This seed packaging and planting system was created after a couple of failures in trying to make an oat fiber bioplastic for packaging hotel soap products. The failures forced Yongtong Chen to reconsider her approach towards working with the material. Instead of trying to make the bioplastic waterproof for liquid soap, which simply could not be achieved, Yongtong decided to fully embrace the material’s water solubility and biodegradability.

The Easeed seed packaging and planting system is a product that can be directly planted into the soil, since the material can naturally biodegrade. The seeds are packaged in a lattice sheet of bioplastic that predetermines the correct spacing for the seeds as they are laid down. The easy-to-tear quality of the bioplastic allows gardeners to tear out a section of the lattice sheet, if needed. These features make the product friendly for beginners to learn about gardening.

With further exploration, Yongtong thinks that the bioplastic packaging could be formulated to be beneficial for the plants. Nutrients could be included into the bulk matrix of the material, so that the bioplastic is also nurturing plants as it degrades. Wood dust or other mulch aggregates could also be mixed into the bioplastic, to protect plant roots.


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