Brown BERT

︎ Creators: Y.Cao, M.Devall, X. He, C.Hughes-Hallett, F.Ho, X.Jiang, K.Kang, M.Kim, Q.Lei, S.Li, Y.Li, Y.Lou, H.Liongoren, L.Liu, Y.Liu, A.Morataya-Quan, M.Mundorf, D.Qiang, C.Qiu, S.Sharma, H.Song, P.Wang, X.Wang, Y.Wang, H.Won, X.Wu, J.Yang, Y.Yu, Q.Zhao, Y.Zhong, Z.Zhou, S.Zhu
︎ Supervisor: Peter Yeadon
︎ Partner: Brown University

This study presents the many building systems that make up the Building for Environmental Research & Teaching (BERT) at Brown University. Formerly known as the Hunter Lab, it was fully renovated and repurposed in 2013 to become a center for cross-disciplinary teaching, research and engagement in the environmental sciences.

The BERT includes many biolabs and growth chambers, research rooms, and a Plant Environmental Center. Its new greenhouse, located on top of the building, opened in 2014. It has six rooms with irrigation and computer-controlled temperature and lighting, which support living systems and advanced botanical research.

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