Acoustic Pulp

︎ Creator: Bartlomiej Saminski
︎ Supervisors:  Jennifer Bissonnette & Peter Yeadon

This study proposes the use of cardboard as an alternative for wood in acoustic guitar production. Focusing on the use of recycled or disposed cardboard, the final product is a guitar that can be used by beginners, especially children, who are frequently changing their interests.

Since cardboard pulp is a very formable and moldable material, it is perfect for creating guitars. As the cardboard pulp dries into a desired shape, it forms into a hard biomaterial. Through various tests of strength and acoustics, the project explored combinations of cardboard pulp and natural adhesives to create an appropriate biomaterial for making guitars.

A cardboard pulp guitar would be affordable, and its parts would be fully recyclable. The ability to mold the pulp also creates a new way for children to be able to learn the process of how instruments are shaped to produce a range of sounds. Not only would the children be learning, but they would also be having a bit of fun at the same time!

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